Week 2 as a Non-Traditional Student at Columbia College in Chicago – 1-23-2012

Going back to college can be tough. But, going back to college in your mid-forties can add additional hurdles overcome. Today, was my second week of my Spring semester at Columbia College. I had a News Reporting & Writing class at 9:00 a.m. I entered with a sense of frustration once again. I sat in the corner with a direct view of the teacher. I was surrounded with classmates whom haven’t reached twenty yet.

After the traditional, first class, meet and greet session, the instructor gave us our first assignment. We were to pair off and interview the person next to you after we returned from our five minute break. The girl that was sitting next to me, turned away from me and started interviewing the guy that was sitting beside her. At first, a bit of my youth anger started boiling. I sat there, thinking what did I do to deserve to get the turned  back treatment? I exclude the idea of it being that I was an African-American and leaned more toward it being that I was this middle-aged guy. It was that type of feeling that Taylor (Charlton Heston), in the original Planet of the Apes must have felt. Just out of place.

After class, I went to the financial aid office. I inquired about my refund from my student loans. The financial adviser offered to give me an advance on my refund. I was told I would get it on Thursday. I really need the $1,500.00. Otherwise, I would have to drive my cab Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to be able to come up with my monthly expenses for February, which includes rent due on the first. At least I’ll be able to relax and focus on school. This led me to thinking of really trying to get some additional financial assistance for 2012-2013 school year through scholarships.

Questions for analysis for Today’s 100 pip drop on EUR/USD

100 point moves are ideal trading opportunities. Today, the EUR/USD dropped 100 pips below 1.30. In order to understand this, and be more prepared of this happens again, I’m going to. Begin with asking some questions for myself to find the answers.

1. Was the release of the ECB balance sheet scheduled?

2. Who loaned money to the Euro-banks?

3. Why is that bad?

4. If the awarded 523 banks 489 Billion Euros why was this new news? What was the shock or surprise?

5. ECB bank balance sheet soared to 2.73 Trillion? If they have cash, what’s the problem?

A. Banks are putting money back into the ECB.

6. How can you tell banks are hoarding cash?