Living As an Artist – Day 3

Yesterday was a long day. I had my MeetUp at 2:00 p.m. It was successful as I met the person who originally started the MeetUp that I took over. He was very knowledgeable about the film industry and about making films.

I didn’t get home until 9:30p.m.

I woke up at 3:45a.m. and fell back asleep until 4:25a.m. which made me late for my 4:30 a.m. bus.

This week, my goal is to develop a list of screenwriters in Chicago. I have to try an accomplish this without wi-fi.

6:41 a.m. I went to the garage to get a cab. No cabs. I’m in Starbucks now bidding for jobs on Task Rabbit.

I decided to get a bus pass after sitting in Starbucks and reading my book Quantum Leap Thinking.

I then went and got some food. I spent $6.00 on tuna and oatmeal.

1:30 p.m

I wanted to know how much cash I’m working with as my roommate wanted to know if I could pay my rent early. I have exactly $170.00 in cash and $338.00 on its way through PayPal which is $508.00 to my name.


$170 Cash on Hand


Total Cash Available

Date: 5-20-2013

Cash on hand = $170.00

Total = $508.00

5:56 p.m.

I went back to the cab company at 4:00 p.m. There were no cabs available. I bought 2 energy drinks ($2.00) and a bag of potato chips ($1.00)

Total Cash on Hand = $166.00 

Living as an Artist – Day 2

Yesterday, I went out to make some money driving a taxi. Here are my results.

I started out with $105.00. I spent $70.00 on my taxi lease, I was left with $35.00

After putting gas in the tank, on the freeway, I realized that my gandolf meter wasn’t working. I had to turn back around and get another cab. That was a loss of $10.00.

After 12 hours of working. This is what I end up with after putting $10.00 on my bus card ($224.00), a profit of $119 after breakfast, lunch, coffee, and a few energy drinks.


Here are concepts, quotes and ideas from the book “Quantum Leap Thinking” that I want implement and remember.

Chapter 1 What is Quantum Leap Thinking?

  • The path comes into existence only when we observe it.
  • The challenge becomes apparent when we realize that the choices we make are the result of the way we look at life, often the result of what we have been told is true.
  • If we are unaware of our power to do that, we become victims. We believe we are powerless– that people, things, or situations are doing things to us.
  • Each of the three sides is composed of a survival skill that must be in place and meticulously maintained before the rectangle can spin

Chapter 2 Continuous Learning

  • It is within the Willingness to Learn circle that you find the potential for personal growth.
  • What takes place in the classroom must create a foundation for a lifetime of learning, yet even the best classroom training doesn’t include the basic principles of creating personal vision, thinking creatively, or managing change.
  • Those who are always learning are those who can ride the winds of change and who see a changing world as full of opportunities rather than dangers.
  • Learning is the starting point and does not have an end point. Learning is ongoing, a habit, a process.
  • There is no shortcut to life. To the end of our day, life is a lesson imperfectly learned.
  • It takes courage to test your ideas because you must be willing to have them fail.
  • True learning is constantly adding to and even changing the way we view the world.
  • Fortune Magazine has noted again and again that those who survive in the workforce are the individuals who have taken responsibility for their careers, and in order to be responsible for your career, you must take responsibility for your learning.
  • Making the choice to turn judgement into curiosity is the leap that moves us to the next level in the Cycle of Discovery.

Daily diary 5-14-2013

Today marks another turning point in my life. My foundation of stability yesterday registered an 8.5 on the Richter scale.

There are some principles that I must begin to put into play.
1) master networking.

One of my new contacts in my professional network gave me some advice about hosting an event.
This was a valuable lesson for me that networking works if you work it.

Fully Restored

Yesterday, I had two experiences that awoke me out of my funk. The first, I was awarded full restitution to my old cab company overcharging me. It was the conversation I had with the City of Chicago”s attorney at 400 W. Superior that surprised me. He was giving me an explanation to the $500.00 fine imposed on Carriage Cab Company. He has a boss. And, his boss, reports to the Commissioner of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, Rosemary Krimball.

The second awaking came from watching the documentary film,  “We’re Not Broke.” I realized my work as a film maker, journalist, writer, musician, creative artist must start now.

What does that mean? After watching the film, I realized that the big corporations are in control of government and people. The labor market is shifting right before our eyes. But, the question remains, how do we fight back? That is where I begin. To begin a serious dialog through my art, filmmaking, and writing about how we fight back.

Entering Again into the Dating World

After a long discussion with a good friend last night, I thought I throw my hat into to dating world. I spent the late night hours on Plenty of Fish. With no success of starting a chat or getting a response, I finally went to sleep.

This morning, I tried again. I sent a message to a woman that I hadn’t responded. Finally, she did with, “No, thank you.” to my reply to my question to should I keep trying to communicate with her.

The dialogue continued as I asked a simple question of “why”. Her response was “I’m not attracted to you.”

I’m a big boy. I’ve been rejected most of my life with this type of response to those I was attracted to. But my response back was mainly to have a conversation about making judgements based on physical pictures.

My thoughts on this is successful relationships are more than just being attracted to someone physically. I might be an intelligent guy, who would treat you with all the love you desire. But the possibility is cut off because you looked at the can on the shelf and decided “No.”


Cash On Hand 4-6-2013

Today I spent $15.00 on groceries.

(2) Pork N Beans – 16 oz

(1) Turkey Wieners -12 oz

(1) Brown Rice – 80 oz

(1) Yellow Onions 3 pounds

(1) Mixed Vegetables – 16 oz.

(2) Energy Drinks – 16 oz

(1) Cookies – 13 oz

I decided to take another risk. I’m giving myself until the end of the month to make $500.o0 via something different than driving a cab. I’m looking heavily into micro-laboring now. I signed up for Task Rabbit.

I decided to delete all of my post entries on my other site,

and make it a site specifically for the Mirco-labor market.



In a Quagmire

I could not and did not put one thing up for sell yesterday among my personal belongings  that I want to sell. I’m not sure why as I want to start a business buying and selling things.

But, today is  a new day. If I don’t put anything on Craigslist today, I’m going to start driving a cab tomorrow.