Money & The Law of Attraction Blog – Day 1

I have to admit a few things on my personal blog about what I’m feeling about the book, Money, and the Law of Attraction as I reading it. I’m way out of tune with my Inner Being. The reason I say that is because after reading Hick’s book, I started listening to my thoughts on how I feel about money. There were emotions of fear, lack of self-confidence, lack of worthiness and a strong resistance towards doing the work that is necessary to be more in alignment with want I want, which now are just two things, the most immediate is a vehicle, and the second is to make a living as a film maker.

Yesterday I created a crowd-funding campaign on GoFundMe for the vechile that I want. I thought it would be a good idea to have some way of tracking my progress of The Law of Attraction working or not. In addition, I thought it would be another good idea to blog about it, which leads me here.

Chris Brown Arrested in D.C. on Felony Assult – Pearls, Curls, and Booty Pumps

R&B singer Chris Brown was arrested Sunday morning outside the W Hotel and was charged with felony assault, reported by D.C. local newspapers.

This isn’t the first time the singer is has been locked up in the stable. The singer is widely known for beating up his ex-girlfriend, R&B singer, Rihanna.

D.C. jails are know for it’s stallions wearing pearls, curls, & booty pumps.

In other news, D.C. is expecting heavy rains over the next few days.

Social Media Marketing Test Study #1 Conducted by Eric P. Martin

I put edited this video over the weekend and afterwards put it on YouTube. I put in a few tags, and then posted it on two of my Facebook channels. The results were 8 views.

A question came in my mind about promoting this video to other networks outside my own, “what would be the results?”
And so, this test study is born. So, I will start posting this video on at least, 5 poetry website a day to see what the result will be in one month. I’m going to document the results.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 10.45.07 AM

Here are the places I added the video.



Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 9.06.37 AM


+ 4 Hits

Simplify Theme – Changing Banner Image

I recently installed Simplify Theme for WordPress on my new blog, More time than I would like to admit, when I install a new blog, I seem to always get frustrated with the learning curve since I don’t know CSS that well.

Well, I decided that I could learn just one new thing a day and then apply what I learned to my website. But more importantly, create a category so I can easily have a reference for the things I’m learning about blogging.

Changing Banner Image on Simplify

  1. Go to the Dashboard in WordPress
  2. Click on Appearances
  3. Click on the remove button under Banner Image
  4. Whatever image your replacing it with the image size has to be adjusted to 930pixels X 350pixels
  5. Upload image.

FreeStyle Writing 8-23-2013

I’ve concluded that content is everything to master the internet. But where do I start. Writing everyday, must be an automatic habit to become a writer. With all art forms, the common thread that appears to be in all of them is the habit of practicing.

I recently met an artist who told me that I could excel at anything if I dedicated 15 minutes a day. She was right. I knew this. But unfortunately, I hadn’t been practicing it. So, here I’m starting my daily exercise to write everyday. Why not do it on my blog? Fifteen minutes, and my timer is set.

So, my challenges I must overcome. I’m working on setting up a photography blog. I set my my main blog, for branding and don’t know where to start. I signed up for a photography website that is totally free but has no photos to show. It’s only a website that allows a customer to search for their event to purchase photos and not a portfolios website.

I have a number of blogs that I must start making use of or just drop them all together.

Today I must go to the library at 9:00 a.m. to pick up a play, The Rain Maker for my acting class then travel to do my internship at the acting studio.

I can learn something everyday. I think the best thing to do is to start with reading every morning, then writing. I can find one idea to implement and then record it here.

One of the goals I have is to start producing products. Creative products for consumption. I’m thinking of launching a B.A.S.H. YouTube account. I’ve also got to learn social media. There is so much to learn, so little time, and I can’t do it all.

Looking forward to working with the photographer I met last Wednesday. It should be a good partnership.

I’ve got to come up with a script to start shooting. I’ve got to working on the fundraising campaign but have something interesting to show. I’ve also got to get more people involved in this project or it will die. Not enough momentum yet.

Monday, I will collaborate with a d.j. that goes to Columbia College that I met at my event. Product, product, product. I think it’s time to create the YouTube channel, but will I have enough time. So much to do, can’t focus when you’re hungry and broke. One minute left.

And what about studying for the LSAT? Where do I fit that in. Lots of stuff to do. Done.