Eric P. Martin’s How to Make Money Diary – 1-18-2014

I’m starting this blog project as a way to take out the mystery of making money. After 49 years, I think I’ve figured it out. So, I want to create this series of blog post as a platform to document my knowledge and test my theories.

This first chart is a graphic picture of how much I’ve earned trading the Forex for the last two weeks of 2014 with a principle amount in the account of $400.00 as of today.



My goal for next week is to exceed (not from the Forex) the amount I earned from other sources other than the Forex.  As you can see, on average, I earned about $20.00 per week. Not a lot of money. Especially, when your weekly expenses exceed your weekly income.

 Income Sources

Here is a list of sources I would like believe I can earn money from.

  • Find odd jobs found on Craigslist
  • Selling something
  • Selling Paintings
  • GigWalk
  • TaskRabbit


Action Step

Now that I’ve listed five items, I’m going to create action steps to take to complete them.

  1. Find odd jobs on Craigslist


  • Look and identify odd jobs from the previous week.

Looking on Craigslist. I found a lot of opportunities listed under ECT were market research surveys. I looked at the entire week, and found nothing I was qualified to participate in. I then went to look under part-time.

I found one position which requires me to fill out a resume. This requires an action step. Complete a resume.

Action Step: Complete Resume (9:55 a.m.)



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