Daily Blog – 1-17-2014

Two Types of People

There seems to be two worlds. The first is labor. The second world is enterprise. It appears you are working for someone, where you time is exchange for labor. Or, you invest time into launching a business idea and it compensates you for that idea, if successful.


Anything can be learned. And that requires time too. Today I learned about Affiliate marketing from an article online. As I sat there reading, I realized tis guy knew what he was talking about.

Example of Learning

I want to learn to put graphs of my income online. I found a website called Online Chart Tool

I created this graph just on my knowledge base at the time.

20140117045804So with a  little bit more reading and learning, I was able to change my chart to reflex more of what I want. What did I learn? About the X axis and Y axis.

Here’s the new chart.


At last, I was finally able to get the look of what I needed. I changed the title


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