Analysis of a sentence

I’ve set the goal to write. But, with all the books I’ve accumulated on writing, it still hasn’t made me a better writer. So, I figured I start from the beginning. And this is my self-taught version of becoming a writer.

The Analysis of a Sentence

The first place I thought I should start if I want to write a book is with the book I’m already reading. It’s called, Capitalism 4.0 by Anatole Kaletsky.

Chapter Two.

“In the Winter of 2008-09, twenty years after the collapse of communism, capitalism is also seemed on the brink of collapse.”

Taking the first word “In” has a classification in English as is Preposition. 

Here is Merriam-Webster’s definition of Preposition. Being that a preposition is a word that shows a relationship, (time, location, or direction) to a noun or pronoun or noun phrase, then what is that object?

The next word is “The”. The is classified as an definite article.

Here is Merriam-Webster’s definition of Definite Article.

“The” is in reference to a person, place or thing. That thing, in my opinion, is the word (noun) Winter.

The next word is “Winter”.

Winter is classified as a noun. I’ve mastered this concept!

The next word is “Of”.

Of is also a preposition.

The noun (Proper) is showing a relationship to is the proper noun “2008-2009” in my opinion.

And lastly, we have the proper noun, “2008-2009”.


Parts of the Sentence.

I’ve completed the analysis of the first group of words. This leads me to another topic. There is one thing to classify words in English, but then there is another portion which is to classify the parts of a sentence. And this is where I am now in the process.

Here are links to understanding prepositional phases.

I included more than just the definition because it is of my belief that different sources provide different viewpoints to enhance the learning experience to mastering any topic. This is why I feel the school model is flawed by using only one book. But that is another discussion.

If a prepositional phase begins with a preposition, in this case, the word “In” and ends with a noun (to include proper) or a pronoun, which would be “2008-2009”, this would verify to be correct.




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