Former Alderman Dorothy Tillman witnesses racial tension during Django screening.

Chicago’s former 3rd Ward Alderman, Dorothy Tillman was a guest at Columbia College’s free monthly movie screening Thursday evening.

Around 7:30 p.m, twenty minutes, after Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained film had started, a group consisting of three African-American males and one African-American female arrived late and seated themselves in the back of the theatre. One male in the group began talking so loud that people in the theatre began to “shush” him.

At one point, a older, white gentleman, which appeared to be in his late 50’s got up and told the guy to “Shut the fuck up”. A  fight broke out, the movie was stopped, and both the white male and the young African-American group were asked to leave Columbia College’s building.

One of the goals for screening Tarantino’s controversial movie was to create a healthy dialog afterwards with guest Dorothy Tillman, Columbia College facility member, Dan Rybicky, and the audience. Mission Accomplished.

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