Living As An Artist – Day 44

As I reflect on the last 44 days, I think what I’ve learned making the transition to living as an artist is confronting fear. Most of my time has been stabilizing my income with part-time work. I’m still really working 5 days a week, and not bringing any income in from my art, but now I have three days to really work on focusing on my art and bringing in income. When I started, I had no idea how I was going to get my income, but ending the month in June today, I was able to come up with my rent, monthly expenses and financial commitments.

Yesterday, I broke a jogging record.

Sport: Running
Distance: 3.60 mi
Duration: 47 minutes 10 seconds
At: 6/29/13, 7:41 AM

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Distance Jogging Chart 6-29-2013
Distance Jogging Chart 6-29-2013


Time Jogging Chart 6-30-2013
Time Jogging Chart 6-30-2013

I’ve learned that I have to stay focused on what I want to accomplish. I need to set some goals, be willing to fail at hosting an event.

GOALS for July 2013

  1. Host profitable networking event 
  2. Average 5 miles jogging
  3. Weigh under 200 lbs.



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