Nikon 5100 Camera Functions

I decided after listening to one suggestion on how to make money in event photography was to know your camera (he’s absolutely correct) was to challenge myself to learn all the functions of my Nikon 5100 camera.

Surprisingly, had a video lesson on the entire camera. But after watching, I still wasn’t completely confident. So, I thought I would blog about about all the function as the best way to learn it. So, let me get started.


Nikon 5100 Playback Button

Nikon 5100 Playback button


  1. Hitting the playback button allows you to see the last picture on the monitor.
  2. Hitting the playback button 2x brings up the Information Display


Nikon 5100 Diopter Control Button

Nikon Diopter Adjustment Button
Nikon Diopter Adjustment Button

Explanation of Diopter adjustment control 

Nikon 5100 Thumbnail / Playback Zoom Out Button

Thumbnail:Playback Zoom Out button


Terms to learn


Favorite Nikon Resources

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