Living As An Artist – Day 31

It’s been an entire month since I began my journey living as an artist. Right now it’s 3:00 a.m. in the morning and I can’t sleep. My mind is spinning with ideas and thoughts, so I decided to get up and blog.

Here are my stats for income playing on the streets as a musician.

June 2013 - 6 days
June 2013 – 6 days

My total for the month is $14.25. Now at first look, one my think that those number are discouraging. However, I see progress.

What I learned Friday playing was that I really need a large number of songs to play as I need to play for different audiences (even on the street). A guy came up to me and asked me to play something. My confidence had me play the only song I knew I could play all the way through (memorized) and that was Harlem, by Bill Withers. The guy was with his girlfriend. When I started playing they really got into the music. He wound up giving me $2.00. I started playing another blues song and it wasn’t really appropriate being that they were together as a couple because the song I played next was It Hurts Me Too. The song is about how this guy is in love with this woman who’s man treats her wrong. Even though I broke my day record, I retreated back home. I wanted to learn some Beatles songs. Hope to go out at least Tuesday.

 Jogging Stats

Sport: Running
Distance: 2.12 mi
Duration: 26 minutes 32 seconds
At: 6/17/13, 9:52 AM

View my session at
To see what I’ve worked out in the past go to

Distance: 2.12 mi Duration: 26 minutes 32 seconds
Distance: 2.12 mi
Duration: 26 minutes 32 seconds

Average Distance Jogging Chart


Activities 1

Distance 3.41 km

Duration 00:26:32

Calories387 kcal


Activities 6

Distance 16.67 km

Duration0 2:11:56

Calories 1912 kcal


Activities 6

Distance 16.67 km

Duration 02:11:56

Calories 1912 kcal



Distance 16.67 km

Duration0 2:11:56

Calories 1912 k cal

I came up with an idea last night that I thought I would address in my blog. That is state goals for the week and problems to solve.


1) Turning monthly membership of loft space $80.00 into a profit.

2) Gaining confidence as an event photographer

3) Getting website for photography jobs


 Photography Job Challenge

I watched this YouTube video to try and help me make money with Event Photography. While it was a good video with a lot of content, I thought I would post it here and try and work on the ideas suggested.

1) Know your camera. I use a Nikon 5100. This is one of the challenges I have, especially shooting events. I’m going set a goal and learn all the functions of my camera.

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