Living As An Artist – Day 27

I have one more day until my 3 day bus pass expires. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about food. I have no more oatmeal, no more hot dogs, just a bag of brown rice.

Current Book: The Rules of Money – Richard Templar

I thought I would start reading books on money since that is where I want to improve my life. So, I’m reading, The Rules of Money by Richard Templar.

This is the quote from Rule #2 –

If we don’t have a definition, how can we monitor or judge success? If we don’t do this, how will you know if this book as been helpful to you?

That’s a great question. So, I’m going to put set a personal goal of earning $100.00 a day as an artist.

Street Musician 

I plan on going out to play tommorow.


Running Diary

Sport: Running
Distance: 1.91 mi
Duration: 26 minutes
At: 6/13/13, 10:23 AM

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 Running Distance Chart

Running Time Chart


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