Living As an Artist – Day 26

I’m down to my last $5.00. I’m still waiting for my restitution check from the city to come, if I even get it. I’m afraid the I.R.S. may get their hands because I received a lien letter two days ago. Great timing.

I’m faced with a decision of playing on the streets or trying to figure out how to eat. I was out last night at midnight, hungry with $2.00 in my pocket. The only thing I could afford was a pound cake which I bought from the gas station.

Mentally, I don’t even want to run this morning. But I think I will.

10:00 a.m.

There are days like this where I feel like throwing in my cards and submit to going back into the work force. I would be miserable, but I wouldn’t be worrying about paying my bills.

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