Living as an Artist – Day 7

It’s been exactly one week that I decided that I would become an artist. So far, it has been a difficult task.  Mainly because earning a living and commuting (paying the bills) takes up so much of my time.

Tuesday, I got my street performers license from the City of Chicago.

Chicago Street Performer License

What take up time to is learning a new skill set. Now that I can perform on streets, I need to learn at least 3 songs. That is going to take time. I’ve been learning html and css, that takes time. With me patching up income with odd jobs, its very difficult when I’m fighting being fatigue.

On my ToDo List I listed sending out 5 resumes a day. That takes an enormous amount of time. I also committed to reading one book a week. The challenge is how to make a living doing what you do and all the other things while learning new survival skills in a new economy.


4:43 p.m.
I went down to city hall today again to collect on my settlement from Carriage Cab. I learned an important lesson because I was able to get the process moving to collect my money.

I’ve been in the dumps about how I was going to survive now that I’m not driving a taxi due to the demand for cabs during the summer time.

Well getting this settlement money will hold me over until my tuition money comes in from school in August / September.

So here are the lessons learned.

  • I can’t get upset because my friends can give me the answers to solve my financial problems, They don’t know all my resources I have available.
  • Know what resources I have.
  • Know the amount of money you need to tide you over when making a career transition.


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