Living as an Artist – Day 5

It seems as if trying to live as an artist is a very difficult road to be on. Take for example yesterday, I started my day by working on my resume, job searching, preparing for an interview, commuting back and forth to and from the interview, being interviewed, house cleaning and talking to a few friends that I haven’t heard from in awhile.

Where exactly am I suppose to fit in being a film maker, networking, learning a new skill, blogging, and trying to adjust to this new economy that is emerging is beyond me.

I woke up this morning with only a few packets of sweetener for my oatmeal. I had to run down to the gas station and get a box of Equal (packet of 50) for $2.99 + tax.  Normally, I could get a generic box 0f a 100 packets for under $3.00. I could have stopped at the store after I got off the bus from the interview yesterday. I guess I should create a todo list to save money.

Cash on hand = $20.00


There are things that I must do. I’m going to create a to-do list

To Do List 5-22-2013

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