Fully Restored

Yesterday, I had two experiences that awoke me out of my funk. The first, I was awarded full restitution to my old cab company overcharging me. It was the conversation I had with the City of Chicago”s attorney at 400 W. Superior that surprised me. He was giving me an explanation to the $500.00 fine imposed on Carriage Cab Company. He has a boss. And, his boss, reports to the Commissioner of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, Rosemary Krimball.

The second awaking came from watching the documentary film,  “We’re Not Broke.” I realized my work as a film maker, journalist, writer, musician, creative artist must start now.

What does that mean? After watching the film, I realized that the big corporations are in control of government and people. The labor market is shifting right before our eyes. But, the question remains, how do we fight back? That is where I begin. To begin a serious dialog through my art, filmmaking, and writing about how we fight back.

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