Entering Again into the Dating World

After a long discussion with a good friend last night, I thought I throw my hat into to dating world. I spent the late night hours on Plenty of Fish. With no success of starting a chat or getting a response, I finally went to sleep.

This morning, I tried again. I sent a message to a woman that I hadn’t responded. Finally, she did with, “No, thank you.” to my reply to my question to should I keep trying to communicate with her.

The dialogue continued as I asked a simple question of “why”. Her response was “I’m not attracted to you.”

I’m a big boy. I’ve been rejected most of my life with this type of response to those I was attracted to. But my response back was mainly to have a conversation about making judgements based on physical pictures.

My thoughts on this is successful relationships are more than just being attracted to someone physically. I might be an intelligent guy, who would treat you with all the love you desire. But the possibility is cut off because you looked at the can on the shelf and decided “No.”


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