Down to my last $1,000.00

I have exactly $976.00 to date. This is not including the change I throw in my desk drawer. But today, I’m venturing to start a new journey as looking for a job that will allow me to pursue my creative nature will be nothing but a deter ant.

Starting with $100.00, I plan on documenting my start on earning a living buying and selling things. I spent the entire morning looking on a auction website for things to buy. But unfortunately, the profit margins with shipping and auction prices wouldn’t allow much profit. In addition, I’m very green to this business.

I attempted 10 years ago to buy computers at an auction. I got stuck with a bunch of useless merchandise that I couldn’t sell. My first attempt at buying at auctions,  I bought a monitor for $40.o0 thinking it was an entire computer.

In 2006, I bought 800 candle holders. The shipping cost, due to the weight, was almost $300.00. These experiences lead me to just give up the idea of trying to make a living buying and selling things.

Now, almost 20 years later, I find myself once again giving it another shot. I’m with out a car, so I have another handicap that restricts my options, as transporting is a huge cost, especially if I have to rent a van. And, I’m much to old to be carrying and lifting things.

I know nothing about trying to sell things on Ebay or Amazon. As matter of fact, I sold a movie on Amazon 4 years ago, and still don’t know how to collect my $3.00.

But with all that said, I know that the answers to these problems can’t be solved without trying to come up with the solution. No one is going to come knocking on my door handing me the answers to solve my financial problems.


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