Chicago Cabbie Confessions 10-11-2012

My first day back cab driving was enough to make anyone not drive a cab.

My new cab company had yet to put me in their system when I arrived at the garage. The meter to the cab I was assigned didn’t connect with the Gandalf machine. I wasted an hour of my 12 hour lease time before I got out of the garage.

Two hours into driving, the gandolf machine quits receiving data and I was suspended from taking fares. I had to return to the garage. It turns out that the dispatch had suspended me because someone didn’t put me in the system yet.

Back on the streets, everything was working fine until my meter started blinking zeros across the screen. I once again had to return to the garage. It was now 1:00 am in the morning.

I was now given a new cab to drive after spending $5.00 in gas in the last cab. This cab’s gas needle was on empty. I put another $5.00 in the tank.

I picked up a ride and drove only to find out this cab didn’t have a credit card machine in the back. I was unsure how to work this new system as what I did try didn’t work. I got $3.00 for a $7.00 ride.

My last fare, was around 3:00. I picked up the customer around Fullerton and Clark.
The fare was $14.05. He had no wallet, no id, and no money to pay for his fare. He called his girlfriend and I called the police. His girlfriend’s credit card declined. While the police were present, they found $15.00 to give me along with a “Fuck You”


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