Understanding the HTML Tag (Command)

This lesson is on the HTML tag. If you don’t understand what a tag is, I suggest you go to my blog post on Understanding What a Tag is for Web Design.

We know that the brackets < and > are commands. What is it commanding? It’s commanding the web browser to follow specific instructions within the brackets.

Let’s look at the first set of instructions for creating a web page.

You can create a web page by using a text editor. I’m using notepad.



The beginning tag (command) <html> and ending tag </html> written in a text editor will give instructions to a web browser that this is a web page ONLY if you save it as a htlm extension and NOT a text extension.

Now, go to file and select “Save As”

Now, create a folder to save your file in. I created a folder on my desktop and named it “My First Web Page”

Now open up your folder and you’ll see the webpage saved (I use Chrome, so whatever web browser you use it the icon browser will be displayed. This lets you know that it is a webpage (in its rawest form)


More definition links

  1. W3Schools.com – HTML code definition # 1


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