Understanding What a Tag Is For Web Design

If you’ve ever been frustrated with trying to learn this technology, I understand. In 1994, I was introduced to the internet for the first time. Since then, I have bought several books on learning HTML, CSS, PHP, Flash, and 18 years later, I’m no further than I was in 1994. Today, after buying yet another domain to promote my business, I decided to dive head in, and dissect this monster that has held me back from this changing environment.

I started trying to learn how to apply CSS to my webpage on my computer using a basic text editor. Now, I’ve mastered how to create a webpage using a text editor, but applying CSS to it, I spent an hour. What I discovered was I didn’t really understand the basic structural hierarchy. Then I started with the basic question, “What does all this code mean?” I must admit, I didn’t understand. That lead me to start from the very basics. I want others, who might be in a similar situation and really understand how to embrace this new technology.

What is a tag (html)?

This question, after searching on the internet, I came up with a number of different answers. But the one that made sense to me was the definition from Elizabeth Castro, HTML for the World Wide Web. HTML tags are commands written between less than (<) and greater than (>) signs. also know as angle brackets, that indicate how the browser should display the text.

Wow. That’s it? Commands. Why didn’t someone say so? Rather than confuse you, I’m going to include below some links and videos of some of the best explanations of HTML tags I found.


HTML definitions

  1. HTML Tag definition #1
  2. HTML Tag definition # 2
  3. HTML Tag definition # 3


HTML Videos

  1. HTML Video # 1

This video I just discovered. Notice how all the definitions explained before doesn’t mention that there are one-sided or two sided tags? I think that’s important information if you’re going to learn HTML

Click Link (owner disable ability to embed video on websites)

HTML Video # 2



HTML Video # 3

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